• the hardware simulator is mature enough to run CP/M, and is downright snappy. However, after loading micronix of various versions, it hangs. The interrupt controller code is certainly busted. the intel i8259 is not particularly well documented, and my simulation of it is derived from reading the docs and the code that tickles it.

Update the tools

  • Make is very primitive: no variables. make is 12k, so plenty of room for code

  • Shell is very primitive: no control structures, environment or variables. this is bigger, 38k, so there is some room to add stuff.

  • the whitesmith compiler is busted in that bss symbols don't get allocated, plus the code generated wastes the DE register and does not use IX/IY at all.

Build missing components

  • we only have kernel source, so we need source code for pretty much everything else.

  • fsck used to be icheck, ncheck, dcheck. but, micronix has a real fsck. where from?

  • build ps. we have source, but /dev/mem will need to be simulated.

Hack on the kernel to add things from V7 - memory will be tight, since 56k is used.

  • ioctl would be handy

  • we could move the entire buffer cache into a separate segment(s). this will both free up memory and speed the system up, since we can cache more.

  • disk labels are really a nice idea. having to compile in volume sizes is horrible.

  • support for larger drives is easy to add, since there are 3 bits in the minor number that could be a slice multiplier. this would be good for drives up to 256Mb each, for a total of 1GB with 4 drives.