build the hardware simulator

  • define the i/o ports for hdc-dma, dj-dma, and multi-io
  • define the trap handler
  • build the behavioral state machines for: DJ_DMA, HDC_DMA, map multi-io serial port on to tty.

Update the tools

  • Make is very primitive: no variables. make is 12k, so plenty of room for code
  • Shell is very primitive: no control structures, environment or variables. this is bigger, 38k, so there is some room to add stuff.
  • the whitesmith compiler is busted in that bss symbols don't get allocated, plus the code generated is pretty bad.

Build missing components

  • we only have kernel source, so we need source code for pretty much everything else.
  • fsck used to be icheck, ncheck, dcheck. but, micronix has a real fsck. where from?
  • build ps. we have source, but /dev/mem will need to be simulated.

Hack on the kernel to add things from V7 - memory will be tight, since 56k is used.

  • ioctl would be handy
  • we could move the entire buffer cache into a separate segment(s). this will both free up memory and speed the system up, since we can cache more.
  • disk labels are really a nice idea. having to compile in volume sizes is horrible.